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To Golden Travel Services / Learning Journey, 

I just wanted to share how much I enjoyed dealing with GTS. You have great people working to make school trips as painless as possible. My sincerest commendations go out to your staff, Chong Hui Sien! I worked a lot with hui Sien throughout my recent school trip to Malaysia. She is brilliant! She is customer-focused, cheerful and always willing to help me find the best options. She is so easily contactable via phone and mail. Thank you Hui Sien for being so proactive in your role. I really appreciate all your help and assistance prior to my school trip. Your presence at the airport so early before we depart was highly appreciated. Thank you for the excellent customer service. Your staff is a great asset to your


Ms Sharifah Aminah

OIC For Malaysia TIE Trip 

Changkat Primary School

3 April 2019 

Dear Lynda, 

Thank you for your effort especially for the last minute arrangements with an additional teacher and several students.You did so well and when I called the parents after the trip, they said the boys enjoyed themselves. The boys only have good things to tell their parents.I believed the trip has changed their initial perception of China. We will definitely keep Golden Travel Services(GTS) in mind for our next trip to China. Thank you for all the added details to ensure that the boys are well-adjusted. Thank you for calling us during the trip to assure us and ensure that the guides/ tour leader do their job well. All of us were a little tired after the trip, other than that we are well and fit. In fact, some boys went back to school on Monday. I guessed they were eager to share with their friends and teachers about their trip in Suzhou.Your advice throughout the detailed planning is deeply appreciated. I enjoyed working with you, hope you do too:) Your tour leader Mr Lim Chee Beng was excellent. When he found out that the teachers were up at 4 am to check on the boy who had fever, he took an initiative to follow up when we were tired. When we were approached by a few rude tourist who insisted that the boys tell them where they are from and wanted to tug their backpack to read the labels, he came forward as soon as I did. When the boys complained to him about certain incidents, he tries his best to help. A boy was constipated and he ensures that he drinks lots of water and even bought a banana for him. He ensures the boys keep warm too. His vigilance and dedication makes the boys feel safe. The tour guide in Suzhou “米霞” was very good too. She advised the boys not to spend at certain spots as she believes that the products are over priced. She also warned the boys of slippery stones at a historic site. Being an ex-teacher, her explanation was excellent, clear and tuned to the level of understanding of our boys. She ensures that boys are paying attention before she starts. She is meticulous and the boys likes her:) Please convey our gratitude to the both of them. Thank you for everything that you have done for us. I congratulate you on doing such a tough job and doing it so well. God bless you.. 

Mdm Tan Mui Mui

Teacher-in-Charge of 

Suzhou Immersion 2010

St Gabriel’s Primary School

Dear Ms Cindy,  


Letter of Appreciation – Educational field trip to Sichuan, China.


We would like to express our deep appreciation for your arrangements for our recent educational field trip to Sichuan, China.The facility tours and the sharing of each of the company’s business strategies and HR practices have given our students and staff greater insights and understanding of the good practices and work culture in each of these companies. Special thanks to:-Mr Warren Yeo, our tour leader for his relentless efforts and perfect coordination, -Ms Zhang Xin for her good service and follow-up on the logistics and administrative matters, and-Ms Wen Li & Mr Leo, our tour guides in Sichuan for their excellent professional services in guiding the field trip, coordinating with the local companies and their sharings on the local culture.Once again, thank you very much for the effort and time that you have put in for us. We take this opportunity to wish you and all staff at Golden Travel Services Pte Ltd good health and success in all your endeavours. 

Rosa Koh 


School of Business & Accountancy

Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Dear Ms Chng & Mr Ding, Appreciate your arrangement for Maha Bodhi School’s Basketball Exchange Tour 2008 to Xiamen from 4 June to 9 June 2008. Note the following: 1) The tour guide we were assigned, Mr Chew Chee Rong (my best translation as we only have his Chinese name) had made our stay very pleasant. This was his first tour group with so many young boys. He gave much fatherly advise from the instance we sat foot onto the tour coach. Simple advise like when taking bath they had to have their shower curtains ends in the bath tub etc were dispensed. After observing that our kids liked water melons he bought a big water melon as an added item for dinner. At one of the training days he bought bananas. To suit the Children’s Diet one of the lunch was at MacDonals and he had to make special arrangements to get buns for one of our kids who was a vegetarian. He shared his views about relationship between China and Taiwan with the pupils, frequently highlighting to pupils the appropriate “slogans” along the coastal highway facing Taiwan. He also gave good reviews of all the cultural sites we visited. Requests were granted within means. Mr Chew is indeed a good tour guide. 2) The main co-ordinator Kang Wen worked hard to ensure that we had everything ready for the trip at your end. After our confirmation the airlines sent out a circular to increase the fuel charges which will mean an increase in tour fare. She was able to submit the necessary paperwork for us to keep the fare status quo. Before she left to lead a group overseas she handed to me the necessary documents and banner for the trip. The one point of contention was that Xiamen Sports School could not arrange for the correct age group of the boys in the opposing team to play against ours. 3) Ms Soh Ai Teng who took over from Ms Kang Wen had to handle two last minute withdrawal and she did it to the parents’ satisfaction. All my last minute queries were also attended to. 4) Mr Ding and Ms Chng though Senior Employees in your firms for your part in taking the time to meet us. Especially Ms Chng who had to be at the airport early in the morning to help us with the necessary documentation. On behalf of pupils, our basketball coach, our team leader and the two parents, I thank all for arranging a trip where most went well and we arrive back safely. 

Goh Koon Heng 

Teacher in charge – Basketball

Maha Bodhi School 12.6.2008

Hi Cindy, This is what I have to say, on behalf of the group that went to Adelaide and stayed at Pendleton farm in 2002. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the trip. It was a great experience being away from home and a learning experience having to look after themselves. There was never a dull moment at the farm. The activities were carefully planned. Obviously fun and safety were foremost on the minds of the organisers. What the kids liked most was the obstacle course, especially the high wall climb. But then, to some, the rafting event was fantastic and it was great watching them create rafts that would float and hold them as well. What I could see was a lot of comaraderie among the pupils. Everyone was from Henry Park, not P6 A or P6H. The pupils sang in the bus and even Andrew , the bus driver, taught them an Aussie song on the drive around Kangaroo Island. I thought the school visits were great as the pupils got an opportunity to see what goes on in an Aussie school. My group had 2 interesting sessions-dance and drama. We could see how creative Aussie kids are. Our pupils were so inhibited about performing infront of others – we need to work on that. The guides/leaders who accompanied our school, Warren and Ace were simply great. They took care of the kids and were very sensitive and diplomatic in their handling of difficult situations. The facilitators are qualified, very accommodating yet firm and they know how to motivate the kids. Like you said, it’s all fond memories, so fond that the pupils who went can’t stop talking about it. The Adelaide trip always comes up when they visit us on Teachers’ Day. Thanks for memories.

Mdm Yazilah Amir 


Henry Park Primary School

Hi Ai Teng,

Hey, I never got the chance to thank you. So thank you for everything. The camp was great, the CIP was good, the kids were all sad that it was so “short”, they really enjoyed themselves a lot. And seriously, I had very little to do, everything was so well-organised and planned out. The guide was always the one who liaised with the hotels, other guides, Beautiful Gate Foundation, and he even set up wake-up calls for the students. So us teachers really had barely anything to do and could relax more. Will surely call on you the next time we have anything overseas again. I must really commend you for the attention to detail and everything. We all had a really great trip.All the best to you.

Bertrand Lee 

West Spring Secondary School


To Learning Journey,

We would like to say thank you to Mr Andrew ( Tour Leader ) and Learning Journey ( Golden Travel ) for making our first China Inner Mongolia educational trip the most memorable one.All my students and teachers were on the trip have really learned a lot during the whole journey even though it was only 10 days and 9 nights. Even the trekking at the Yin Chuan China for 4 days 3 night and a mini trek at the Great Wall of China.

Best wishes from all of us and hope to work together with you and your team members especially Mr Andrew.


Whitley Secondary School


Hi Cindy, We would like to say thank you to Miss Tracy (Tour Leader) and Golden Travel for making our first Sarawak educational trip the most memorable one.All my students, teachers and parents who were on the trip have really learned a lot during the whole journey even though it was only 3 days and 2 nights.Best wishes from all of us and hope to work together with you and your team members especially Miss Tracy.


Fairfield Methodist Primary School

Hi Ms Chng, Thanks for the reliable and great service provided for the Catholic High School Symphony Band participation in the World Music Contest held in Kerkrade , Germany.

Daniel Tay 

Band Major (Administration)

Catholic High School Symphony Band

To Learning Journey, I must say thanks to Lynda and Warren for their help in planning the learning journey to Maur and Beijing this year. Their warm and sincere service was the only reason for me to engage the service of Golden Travel. Despite my countless demands, they are very patient and tried to accommodate to my demands. Thanks for everything! You have made my learning journey a success and my students thoroughly enjoyed the whole trip with no mishaps. Thank you!

Lee Lu May 

Serangoon Secondary School

Dear Warren, Just want to thank Golden Travel/Learning Journey for the good service rendered during our recent educational tour to Beijing. It was a most enriching learning experience for my pupils and everyone of us had a wonderful time. Thank you. 

Mrs Sukhdevi Kaur Grewal 

Yuhua Secondary School

I wish to thank Golden Travel for being able to tailor-make our itinerary for Western Australia which met my expectations to the Teachers – both in terms of the sites covered and the time taken! This educational and enriching experience will stay with my students and me forever. Thank you once again.

Shermaine Tang (Mrs)


Hougang Primary School

To Learning Journey / Golden Travel

Our pupils, teachers and parents felt safe on this trip to Suzhou for school attachment at Suzhou Dongzhonshi Experimental Primary School.From Day 1, 3 June 2005, reporting at the airport and smooth boarding of the plane till our return to Singapore on 10 June, the Tour Manager, Ms Lynda Goh, from Golden Travel who was with us throughout the trip, ensured that everything went on smoothly and efficiently. In fact, Ms Goh often went beyond her job scope to ensure that everyone was well taken care of. When it became necessary for one of our pupils with high fever to visit the doctor there, Ms Goh personally accompanied the pupil and the teacher-in-charge to the local hospital there. She assisted the teacher-in-charge in attending to the pupil, checking on her even way past mid-night. We are really touched by her sincere concern and love for children.Parents and pupils who were on the trip really appreciate the effort put in by Ms Goh to make various arrangements for stay in China. One unique arrangement which is very memorable to all on the trip is the presence of the ” emperor and his assistants” when our pupils sat for the scholars’ examination (zhong yuan kao shi). The pupils were thrilled when the top three scholars were conferred and given the scholar’s certificate at a ceremony witnessed by many. In fact, this event was covered by the Chinese press in Suzhou, China, and our pupils have been given the copies of this newspaper report. I believe our pupils will treasure this as a memento of this trip.Thank you Golden Travel for a wonderful trip and a meaningful school attachment at Suzhou Donzhongshi Experimental Primary School.

Mdm Soh Yan Peng

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School (Primary)

Dear Lynda, This should have been done a few weeks ago….I wish to convey on behalf of the students, myself and the school our gratitude to you and your GTS colleagues for organising such a wonderful experience for us in China. Your professionalism and quick response time to queries and questions, together with the personal touch you and GTS offer are very impressive.I made a recommendation in our school newsletter a couple of weeks ago that anyone wishing to travel to China should contact you at GTS. The students are still talking about the trip and have completed visual and verbal presentations on assembly at school. Many saying it was the best trip overseas they had ever done.Thanks again Lynda, we truly appreciate your work and effort and I should have sent this email much earlier.

Tim Hudson

Coordinator of Secondary EAL and ILC

Australian International School Singapore

For Golden Travel / Learning Journey


Inter-disciplinary Fieldtrip to Sarawak, East Malaysia


We started the journey to Sarawak from Senai Airport in Johor. The guide from Golden Travel really makes the journey very smooth. In our 5 days in Sarawak, we moved from city into mangrove swamp and rainforest. The tour leader and guide assisted the teachers in ensuring the safety and convenience of the pupils. They accommodated to our impromptu requests for more time, esp. in the name of explaining some sudden observations of educational value to our pupils. They were also flexible in moderating some of their items which we considered ‘touristy’.An important quality which we, teachers, appreciated was that the tour leader, Warren, acknowledged the need of good behaviour and decorum when dealing with the pupils.Overall, the trip was pleasant and learning objectives were met.

Mr Neo Chai Wee 

Trip Co-ordinator

Anderson Secondary School

Dear Warren, Lynda and all the fabulous guides that have helped us greatly along the trip, I would like to sincerely thank you on the behalf of Orchid Park Secondary School NPCC on the wonderfully enriching trip that we have experienced with your well-informed and helpful guides from 18th to 20th June 2004. Your kindness and cheerfulness had allowed us to enjoy our trip to Endau Rompin extremely and made it extremely unforgettable too. My students have told me that they really enjoyed the trip as they were able to learn a lot of things during this trip and also became closer friends too. The planning was pratically flawless and the food was great too!Once again, let me extend my warmest wishes to ‘Learning Journey’ and we sincerely hope that we can work together again. This has been one of the most enjoyable school trips that I have been on. Keep up the good work and I will remember to recommend your company’s services to as many of my friends and colleagues in the future. Hope to see you soon!


Orchid Park Secondary School NPCC

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